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Be sure to read these other AuthorHOUSE books 00001.jpg00002.jpg00003.jpgPraise for Ossian’s previous work:

“I laughed so hard while reading A Marine’s Lapse in Synapse, I blew snot bubbles out of my nose. I think Ossian saved my marriage. Now my wife understands why Marines are like this.”
- Eddie Eppens, prior service, USMC

“I am not a Marine, never was, but this book ( A Marine’s Lapse in Synapse: Part II) sure makes me wish I could have cut the mustard with Mr. Ossian and his friend, Carl. An insightful look at the very dysfunctional life of men-of-war. I really enjoyed it.”
- Officer M. Leybold, Nebraska DCS

The Qatar Edge is a perfect example of why our young military folks need more supervision. Hey, did you see my picture? I’m flying a fuckin’ kite in the fuckin’ desert!”
- TSGT Rodney ‘Dutch’ Umbaugh, USAF

“I have read all his stuff. If you can’t laugh at Ossian, you have no sense of humor.”
- Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) James Moyer Jr., USMC