People Without A Plan HTML version

To Keith Thompson, you have never wavered in your support. You are a wonderful person and I cannot
thank you enough for everything you have done.
To Rajiv Sinha and Clive Wilkinson, thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm, support and constructive
criticism…. and patience…
To Mr Sealy, who opened our eyes and introduced us to the wider world. Thank you for pulling our
heads out of our arses.
To Scotty, your annoying enthusiasm about nature grew on all of us. You’ve taught me more than
anyone about life and the world we live in.
To Dennis, Maxine, Renee and Phillip, thank you so much for taking the time to help make this a better
book. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
To Swav, Johnno, Elks, Chris, Pete, Joee and Adam – thanks heaps guys for the philosophical yarning.
To Liz, Geraldine and Jenni, thank you for giving me the opportunity to see how people are affected by
the impacts of Climate Change in their day-to-day lives.
To those who work tirelessly to gather the data and records from which others can draw upon, your
efforts are most sincerely appreciated.
To those who work tirelessly doing what they can for nature, you are true lovers and warriors.
To everybody that has been involved in the many permutations this project has undertaken over the
years, I hope that in some ways this book can repay your efforts and support.