People Without A Plan


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Book Description

At this time in history, it is essential that we humans alter our modern lifestyles to achieve sustainable development. People Without A Plan looks at a broad range of environmental issues and their problems, causes, and potential solutions. Readers can view this book online or print it in hard-copy form.

Bryn Devaney

Mate the book is in the science section, not the self-help section. How you could conclude that the topic of sustainable human development is old and overrated I don't know. As for the title, if you'd read the final chapter you would understand. Best of luck finding what you're looking for.


sorry: sees***


The title has nothing to do with the content. When someone seas a title like" People without a plan" one can thing it's about finding a sense in their life, not about sustainability. This topic is so old and overrated. I don't recommend.

Bryn Devaney

Hi Nikko - thanks for your comment. I'm the author. I can understand that there are those out there who believe that Climate Change is not man-made. After all the IPCC are only 95% certain that it is being driven by human activities. Not sure how much of the book you've read but the irrefutable proof that CO2 emissions are causing significant environmental damage can be found in the Coral Reef section. The increased atmospheric levels of CO2 that have led to increased oceanic carbon absorption - and the resultant increase in oceanic acidity - have been well-documented and are a measurable reality of our impacts upon the broader ecosystems. Also of great concern is the alarming rise in the incidence and severity of Coral Bleaching. I guess all that could be ignored if we chose to ignore it. In all honesty I think its a no-brainer that if you remove half of the Earth's forests over a relatively short geological period and then pump tens of billions of tons of carbon annually into the atmosphere (carbon which was locked-up underground for up to 400 million years and therefore was not a part of the natural surface carbon cycle) within a VERY short geological period then you have got to expect that there will be some disruption to the Earth's natural balance. If anything carbon won't be the biggest factor in a major climate shift - that will probably be methane - but its our excess carbon emissions that could set in motion such a chain of events. Look I'm more than happy for people to be critical of this work because criticism creates debate, and debate is healthy and helps us find the truth. But if you're just gonna sit and take pot-shots from your keyboard then at least back it up with something. I look forward to reading your new book on the truths and realities of Climate Change.

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