Peak State: How we Can Master This and How we can use Them Every Time we Need HTML version

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A. Peak State: What is that?
May be You have experienced in a moment where you very
- very brighten up and at that moment all the business
you do felt easy .
Or, you have stayed in the very dangerous situation
that, Hallelujah, you can handle the situation is
Possibly you have been pursued by the dog and,
wonderful!! You can skip the fence as high as 2
I very sure you have faced the same situation at your
past ==== or possibly you are in this time face the
moment - crucial moment. I hope you can finish the
problem better.
That is, the moment when your inner power show up
automatically. The power that automatically save your
life and solve your problem immediately when you
Now, we call this power Alpha State, Peak State, Secret
Power , Subconscious Power, God Spot Area, and etc,
etc. According to me, this strength may be named any
kind of do, most off all is how do we can recognize it
and then work along and exploit this strength to reach
for our purpose.
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