Past Lives HTML version

Then they were both gone as if they were never here.
Now here they were, going back to the last place Sofia wanted to be. If it
wasn't for the fact these people were their only living relatives, Sofia and Brice
would not be heading there. Even if it was only for three months, until Sofia
turned eighteen. Then she'll be Brice's guardian, and he'll never know the truth
about this horrible place.
“I can't believe it, Sof. Nothing's changed in five years.”
Brice was looking out the opposite window except his eyes were filled
with awe. His sister's eyes were filled with fear.
Sofia watched the cab drive away as she stood on the magnificent porch
that would be their home for the next few months. She hadn't told Brice they
wouldn't be staying long; she just hoped he would understand when they left
that it was for the best.
Sure, he had been a kid when mom and dad had told him they would no
longer spend their summers here riding horses and camping out by the lake. He
pouted for a few weeks, but once school started back, he didn't mention „The
Grove' again. The next summer, instead of The Grove, they sent him to a
survival camp. They had smores and swimming lessons, but that was as tough
as it got. When he turned thirteen, he said he was too old to go anymore and
wanted to stay home and hang with his friends.
Two weeks before school ended, Amanda and Kirkman Moran were killed;
shot to death in their beds by, as of yet, and unknown assailant.
Sofia saw a note taped to the door, as she got closer. It just said „be back
soon. Make yourself at home. Pick any room you want in the north wing and
unpack. I will see you both at dinner, Love Aunt Esther.
Brice turned the doorknob and the large wooden door creaked open.