Past Lives HTML version

Three months earlier
As Sofia rode in the cab to her new house „Melvin's Grove' she got a
strange feeling. Looking out the window didn't reveal anything special; trees, a
lake, horse riding trails. The same stuff she had seen when her and her brother
would visit as children.
The last time she had been here, she was barely thirteen. She
remembered the day her parents said she and her brother wouldn't be visiting
Five years ago…
“Why can't we go back?” Brice whined.
“All you need to know is it's not safe there anymore.” Amanda Moran told
her youngest child. “There are things you wouldn't understand. I know you're
angry right now, but you'll see, it's for the best.”
Brice mumbled to himself as he stomped off to his room.
“I'm sorry mom. It's not fair that Brice has to suffer because of me.”
Kirk Moran spoke up, “Sofia, you have nothing to feel guilty for. Brice will
be fine in time. He's only ten; they bounce back quickly at that age.”
Amanda and Kirk Moran were dedicated loving parents. Their children
never wanted for anything, but they were not rich. Though Kirk had come from
a wealthy background, no one would ever know that by the way he acted.
Kirk was a tall blonde haired good-looking man. His high school
sweetheart, and current wife, was almost a foot shorter, with brown hair. The
only thing they had in common was their eyes; they were both blue.