Past Lives HTML version

She could hear the footsteps behind her as she ran down the alley. She
was afraid to look back; afraid he was getting closer. She slid on the wet
pavement, but never let up. She jumped up and continued running. Her shoes
making what to her sounded like loud clomping on the ground. Her breathing
was labored. She could feel sweat running down her forehead, feel it burning
her eyes.
“Sofia,” he cried from the distance. “You know you can't hide from me.”
She didn't slow down. She could see a streetlight in the distance in front
of her. She picked up her pace, hoping she could get around people before he
reached her. Just as she turned the corner to a well-lit parking lot, someone
grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth to stifle her scream.
“Shh,” the soft voice said. “He'll hear you.”