Parenting After Divorce - A Complete Guide HTML version

Perhaps one of the most damaging side effects of divorce is the lack of
parental involvement by one or both parents with the children through the
divorce. If parents are not able to put their children's needs and emotional
security in front of their own they run the risk of destroying the relationship
with their kids, thereby increasing the chance that the children will have
emotional and behavioral problems directly related to this damaged
It is concerning to note that:
? 40% of all children that experience a divorce do not have regular
contact with their biological fathers within one year of the divorce
? Kids living with a single parent are more likely to live in poverty, more
likely to be involved in gangs and criminal activities and less likely to
graduate from high school or obtain a college degree
? Children that don't have a mother and father role model in their lives
are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors, become sexually
active much earlier, have lower self-esteem and seek attention from
others rather than being satisfied with their own feelings of
? 75% of all teenagers at chemical abuse treatment programs are from
single parent families and report infrequent or no contact with the
non-custodial parent
? According to research children of divorce that live with one parent and
have no contact with the other parent are at greater risk for certain
health conditions such as asthma (almost 50% higher risk),