Parenting After Divorce - A Complete Guide HTML version

? Anger at the changes in their life
? Anger at being moved from Mom's to Dad's house and back again with
no regard for their schedule , desires or wants
? Anger at lack of control in their lives
? Anger at the feelings of rejection and abandonment they may feel
Kids often show anxiety in their behaviors more that they express it in
words. Children showing anxiety may be more likely to:
? Have emotional outbursts at family members or at school
? Have eating, sleeping or behavioral disorders
? Complain of headaches, stomach aches and fatigue
? Need to have constant reassurance
? Want to be close to a parent all the time
? Insist on sleeping in the same bed or room as the parent
? Experience nightmares, anxiety attacks and withdraw from activities
It is very normal for children to be confused about what is happening through
the divorce. Whenever possible provide lots of structure, predictability and
routine between Mom's house and Dad's house to eliminate or minimize
confusion. Calendars, agendas, text messages, email reminders are all good
ways to help keep children informed of the information they need to know
regarding time with Mom, time with Dad, who is picking them up or where
they are to go after school or on the weekend.