Parenting After Divorce - A Complete Guide HTML version

Kids in denial simply don't want to accept the fact that Mom and Dad are
getting a divorce. During the denial stage, and all through the divorce,
parents have to be very positive about the other parent and must keep any
explanations about the divorce or separation simple and to the basic issues
as they relate to the kids. Important questions to answer include:
? Where the child is going to live
? When the child will get to see both parents
? Ongoing expressions of love from both parents towards the child
? Good, positive and respectful comments about the other parent
? Simple, concise explanations about divorce that are age appropriate
and not negative about the other parents character or behavior
Most kids will be in the denial stage for 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer if there
has been a previous separation. If humanly possible set a schedule of
parenting time immediately so the child doesn't feel rejected or abandoned
by either parent.
Kids will be angry going through the divorce for several reasons. These can
? Anger at themselves that they may have done something to cause the
? Anger at a parent for leaving the home
? Anger at a parent for making the other parent leave