Paradise Lost


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The misconceptions that some have about political parties and their followers, is astounding. One must understand that all countries are controlled by political parties with most of them elected into office, while some (dictators) usurp their power, and subscribe to an economic design that they feel will benefit the country (or themselves). It does not matter what they call themselves. It is the basic economic philosophy that they support that is important. This FREE e-Book is filled with information that has already been published in one form or another, but that has been arranged to be presented in a historical manner to show how in the beginning, man escaped slavery (serfdom), only to enter the realm of slavery again under the guise of Socialism. This march toward slavery is relentless. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Rowland Pasaribu

Well sometime, the truth is out there, and often it's hurt...I do hope the writer come visiting INDONESIA...

Steve H

Such a dissapointment. By pub loud mouthed fascist standards quite advanced vocabulary but still blaming anybody less reactionary than him for everything shows a lack of breadth of travel. A visit to Russia and/or Africa would have given perspective. All the same its worth keeping an open mind so I did at least read it.


good presentation, will lead to further research, would recommend


Very informative but was kinda longing for some more depth. All good though.

Sarah Williams

At last... a book that puts both political parties under a lens without favoritism. Long overdue!

Bernard Esaba

i have liked it all


Is it too late to save our Constitution and freedoms?


Robert Gates Sr.

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