Paprika HTML version

sipping in the crowd like no one could see me
because I wouldn't let them see me. (hahaha)
Suddenly, my favorite song started to play. I
jumped out on the dance floor and waved my hands
around like I was trying to catch loose hair
from my head. It was fun while it lasted. I
finally walked over towards the exit and was
about to leave. I saw someone I had never seen
before. Not here, not anywhere. I had to get
my attention together and snap out of this
dream universe. Like you only see this on
tv. But, this was not me. I've been trapped
in one of those relationships before and I was
not going to let anything else happen, not this
I walked out and went over to this little hot
food stand. They fix the best tacos and snacks
there. So I bought one and walked down the street
heading home. My phone had rang a couple of times,
but I didn't answer it. Tonight was my night to spend.
I saw a band playing music on the corner and
dancers dancing. It was weird, but exciting.