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and there's an end of it? For indeed I am not of consequence enough for my master
to concern himself, and be angry about such a creature as me.
Do you hear, Mrs. Jervis, cried he again, how pertly I am interrogated by this saucy
slut? Why, sauce-box, says he, did not my good mother desire me to take care of
you? And have you not been always distinguished by me, above a common
servant? And does your ingratitude upbraid me for this?
I said something mutteringly, and he vowed he would hear it. I begged excuse; but
he insisted upon it. Why, then, said I, if your honour must know, I said, That my good
lady did not desire your care to extend to the summer-house, and her dressing-
Well, this was a little saucy, you'll say--And he flew into such a passion, that I was
forced to run for it; and Mrs. Jervis said, It was happy I got out of the way.
Why what makes him provoke one so, then?--I'm almost sorry for it; but I would be
glad to get away at any rate. For I begin to be more fearful now.
Just now Mr. Jonathan sent me these lines--(Bless me! what shall I do?)
'Dear Mrs. Pamela, Take care of yourself; for Rachel heard my master say to Mrs.
Jervis, who, she believes, was pleading for you, Say no more, Mrs. Jervis; for by G--
d I will have her! Burn this instantly.'
O pray for your poor daughter. I am called to go to bed by Mrs. Jervis, for it is past
eleven; and I am sure she shall hear of it; for all this is owing to her, though she did
not mean any harm. But I have been, and am, in a strange fluster; and I suppose
too, she'll say, I have been full pert.
O my dear father and mother, power and riches never want advocates! But, poor
gentlewoman, she cannot live without him: and he has been very good to her.
So good night. May be I shall send this in the morning; but may be not; so won't
conclude: though I can't say too often, that I am (though with great apprehension)
Your most dutiful DAUGHTER.
Letter 25
O let me take up my complaint, and say, Never was poor creature so unhappy, and
so barbarously used, as poor Pamela! Indeed, my dear father and mother, my
heart's just broke! I can neither write as I should do, nor let it alone, for to whom but