Pamela or Virtue Rewarded HTML version

As soon as I have dined, I will put on my new clothes. I long to have them on. I know
I shall surprise Mrs. Jervis with them; for she shan't see me till I am full dressed.--
John is come back, and I'll soon send you some of what I have written.--I find he is
going early in the morning; and so I'll close here, that I am
Your most dutiful DAUGHTER.
Don't lose your time in meeting me; because I am so uncertain. It is hard if, some
how or other, I can't get a passage to you. But may be my master won't refuse to let
John bring me. I can ride behind him, I believe, well enough; for he is very careful,
and very honest; and you know John as well as I; for he loves you both. Besides,
may be, Mrs. Jervis can put me in some way.
Letter 24
I shall write on, as long as I stay, though I should have nothing but silliness to write;
for I know you divert yourselves on nights with what I write, because it is mine. John
tells me how much you long for my coming; but he says, he told you he hoped
something would happen to hinder it.
I am glad you did not tell him the occasion of my coming away; for if my fellow-
servants should guess, it were better so, than to have it from you or me. Besides, I