Pamela or Virtue Rewarded HTML version

Letter 22
All my fellow-servants have now some notion that I am to go away; but can't imagine
for what. Mrs. Jervis tells them, that my father and mother, growing in years, cannot
live without me; and so I go home to them, to help to comfort their old age; but they
seem not to believe it.
What they found it out by was; the butler heard him say to me, as I passed by him, in
the entry leading to the hall, Who's that? Pamela, sir, said I. Pamela! said he, How
long are you to stay here?--Only, please your honour, said I, till I have done the
waistcoat; and it is almost finished.--You might, says he, (very roughly indeed,) have
finished that long enough ago, I should have thought. Indeed, and please your
honour, said I, I have worked early and late upon it; there is a great deal of work in