Pamela or Virtue Rewarded HTML version

Forgive this silly prattle, from
Your dutiful DAUGHTER.
Oh! I forgot to say, that I would stay to finish the waistcoat, if I might with safety. Mrs.
Jervis tells me I certainly may. I never did a prettier piece of work; and I am up early
and late to get it over; for I long to be with you.
Letter 20
I did not send my last letters so soon as I hoped, because John (whether my master
mistrusts or no, I can't say) had been sent to Lady Davers's instead of Isaac, who
used to go; and I could not be so free with, nor so well trust Isaac; though he is very
civil to me too. So I was forced to stay till John returned.
As I may not have opportunity to send again soon, and yet, as I know you keep my
letters, and read them over and over, (so John told me,) when you have done work,
(so much does your kindness make you love all that comes from your poor
daughter,) and as it may be some little pleasure to me, perhaps, to read them
myself, when I am come to you, to remind me of what I have gone through, and how
great God's goodness has been to me, (which, I hope, will further strengthen my
good resolutions, that I may not hereafter, from my bad conduct, have reason to
condemn myself from my own hand as it were): For all these reasons, I say, I will
write as I have time, and as matters happen, and send the scribble to you as I have
opportunity; and if I don't every time, in form, subscribe as I ought, I am sure you will