Pamela or Virtue Rewarded HTML version

I hope Mrs. Jervis is not angry with me. She has not called me to supper: though I
could eat nothing if she had. But I make no doubt I shall sleep purely to-night, and
dream that I am with you, in my dear, dear, happy loft once more.
So good night again, my dear father and mother, says
Your poor honest DAUGHTER.
Perhaps I mayn't come this week, because I must get up the linen, and leave in
order every thing belonging to my place. So send me a line, if you can, to let me
know if I shall be welcome, by John, who will call for it as he returns. But say nothing
of my coming away to him, as yet: for it will be said I blab every thing.
Letter 17
Welcome, welcome, ten times welcome shall you be to us; for you come to us
innocent, and happy, and honest; and you are the staff of our old age, and our
comfort. And though we cannot do for you as we would, yet, fear not, we shall live
happily together; and what with my diligent labour, and your poor mother's spinning,
and your needle-work, I make no doubt we shall do better and better. Only your poor
mother's eyes begin to fail her; though, I bless God, I am as strong and able, and
willing to labour as ever; and, O my dear child! your virtue has made me, I think,
stronger and better than I was before. What blessed things are trials and
temptations, when we have the strength to resist and subdue them!
But I am uneasy about those same four guineas; I think you should give them back
again to your master; and yet I have broken them. Alas! I have only three left; but I
will borrow the fourth, if I can, part upon my wages, and part of Mrs. Mumford, and
send the whole sum back to you, that you may return it, against John comes next, if
he comes again before you.
I want to know how you come. I fancy honest John will be glad to bear you company
part of the way, if your master is not so cross as to forbid him. And if I know time
enough, your mother will go one five miles, and I will go ten on the way, or till I meet
you, as far as one holiday will go; for that I can get leave to make on such an