Pamela or Virtue Rewarded HTML version

Letter 7
Since my last, my master gave me more fine things. He called me up to my late
lady's closet, and, pulling out her drawers, he gave me two suits of fine Flanders
laced headclothes, three pair of fine silk shoes, two hardly the worse, and just fit for
me, (for my lady had a very little foot,) and the other with wrought silver buckles in
them; and several ribands and top-knots of all colours; four pair of white fine cotton
stockings, and three pair of fine silk ones; and two pair of rich stays. I was quite
astonished, and unable to speak for a while; but yet I was inwardly ashamed to take
the stockings; for Mrs. Jervis was not there: If she had, it would have been nothing. I
believe I received them very awkwardly; for he smiled at my awkwardness, and said,
Don't blush, Pamela: Dost think I don't know pretty maids should wear shoes and
I was so confounded at these words, you might have beat me down with a feather.
For you must think, there was no answer to be made to this: So, like a fool, I was
ready to cry; and went away courtesying and blushing, I am sure, up to the ears; for,
though there was no harm in what he said, yet I did not know how to take it. But I
went and told all to Mrs. Jervis, who said, God put it into his heart to be good to me;
and I must double my diligence. It looked to her, she said, as if he would fit me in
dress for a waiting-maid's place on Lady Davers's own person.
But still your kind fatherly cautions came into my head, and made all these gifts
nothing near to me what they would have been. But yet, I hope, there is no reason;
for what good could it do to him to harm such a simple maiden as me? Besides, to
be sure no lady would look upon him, if he should so disgrace himself. So I will make
myself easy; and, indeed, I should never have been otherwise, if you had not put it
into my head; for my good, I know very well. But, may be, without these
uneasinesses to mingle with these benefits, I might be too much puffed up: So I will
conclude, all that happens is for our good; and God bless you, my dear father and
mother; and I know you constantly pray for a blessing upon me; who am, and shall
always be, Your dutiful DAUGHTER.