Pamela or Virtue Rewarded HTML version

one of the best ladies in the land. So no more at present, but that I am
Your ever dutiful DAUGHTER.
Letter 6
My master has been very kind since my last; for he has given me a suit of my late
lady's clothes, and half a dozen of her shifts, and six fine handkerchiefs, and three of
her cambric aprons, and four holland ones. The clothes are fine silk, and too rich
and too good for me, to be sure. I wish it was no affront to him to make money of
them, and send it to you: it would do me more good.
You will be full of fears, I warrant now, of some design upon me, till I tell you, that he
was with Mrs. Jervis when he gave them me; and he gave her a mort of good things,
at the same time, and bid her wear them in remembrance of her good friend, my
lady, his mother. And when he gave me these fine things, he said, These, Pamela,
are for you; have them made fit for you, when your mourning is laid by, and wear
them for your good mistress's sake. Mrs. Jervis gives you a very good word; and I
would have you continue to behave as prudently as you have done hitherto, and
every body will be your friend.
I was so surprised at his goodness, that I could not tell what to say. I courtesied to
him, and to Mrs. Jervis for her good word; and said, I wished I might be deserving of
his favour, and her kindness: and nothing should be wanting in me, to the best of my
O how amiable a thing is doing good!--It is all I envy great folks for.
I always thought my young master a fine gentleman, as every body says he is: but
he gave these good things to us both with such a graciousness, as I thought he
looked like an angel.
Mrs. Jervis says, he asked her, If I kept the men at a distance? for, he said, I was
very pretty; and to be drawn in to have any of them, might be my ruin, and make me
poor and miserable betimes. She never is wanting to give me a good word, and took
occasion to lanch out in my praise, she says. But I hope she has said no more than I
shall try to deserve, though I mayn't at present. I am sure I will always love her, next
to you and my dear mother. So I rest Your ever dutiful