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Letter 4
For the last was to my father, in answer to his letter; and so I will now write to you;
though I have nothing to say, but what will make me look more like a vain hussy,
than any thing else: However, I hope I shan't be so proud as to forget myself. Yet
there is a secret pleasure one has to hear one's self praised. You must know, then,
that my Lady Davers, who, I need not tell you, is my master's sister, has been a
month at our house, and has taken great notice of me, and given me good advice to
keep myself to myself. She told me I was a pretty wench, and that every body gave
me a very good character, and loved me; and bid me take care to keep the fellows at
a distance; and said, that I might do, and be more valued for it, even by themselves.
But what pleased me much was, what I am going to tell you; for at table, as Mrs.
Jervis says, my master and her ladyship talking of me, she told him she thought me
the prettiest wench she ever saw in her life; and that I was too pretty to live in a
bachelor's house; since no lady he might marry would care to continue me with her.
He said, I was vastly improved, and had a good share of prudence, and sense
above my years; and that it would be pity, that what was my merit should be my
misfortune.-- No, says my good lady, Pamela shall come and live with me, I think.
He said, with all his heart; he should be glad to have me so well provided for. Well,
said she, I'll consult my lord about it. She asked how old I was; and Mrs. Jervis said,
I was fifteen last February. O! says she, if the wench (for so she calls all us maiden
servants) takes care of herself, she'll improve yet more and more, as well in her
person as mind.
Now, my dear father and mother, though this may look too vain to be repeated by
me; yet are you not rejoiced, as well as I, to see my master so willing to part with
me?--This shews that he has nothing bad in his heart. But John is just going away;
and so I have only to say, that I am, and will always be, Your honest
as well as dutiful DAUGHTER.
Pray make use of the money. You may now do it safely.