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Table of Contents

1.0 Building Your Own Gold Mine 7 1.1 Virtual Gold Mines – Profitable? 7 1.2 A Word of Thought Before Getting Started 8

2.0 Using Other People’s Products to Build Your Customer List 9
2.1TheConcept 9 2.2ThePros 10
2.3TheCons 11
2.4WhatDoYouNeed? 11
2.5 Build Your Customer List – Step-by-Step 12

3.0 Using Your Product to Build Your Customer List 15 3.1TheConcept 15 3.2ThePros 16 3.3TheCons 16 3.4WhatDoYouNeed? 17 3.5 Build Your Customer List – Step-by-Step 17

4.0InClosing 20 4.1LastWords 20 4.2RightsGlossary 21 4.3RecommendedResources 23