Page Rank Paranoia HTML version

Why you don’t need a high PR!
If you own your own web site, and I was a betting man, I’d wager that there’s
a better than fair chance that your life is ruled by that little green coloured bar
which shows the page rank attributed to your site by the mighty Google.
Nothing else matters to you other than making that little green line move
further and further towards the right. Because the further it does, the higher
your page rank (PR) becomes which means an automatic flood of traffic for
You’re absolutely driven to distraction if you’re approached for a link
exchange by a fellow web site owner with a lower PR than you. How could
that person have the bare faced gall to ask you for a link exchange. Don’t they
understand that if you do accept that link trade with the PR1 site your PR 3
will instantly plummet and you’ll be punished forever!
If that person is you, lighten up! You’re suffering from Page Rank Paranoia.
Burt don’t worry – this humble ebook might just cure you. There’s way more to
running a successful web site than watching that little green bar.
I’m going to show you why your PR does not matter that much in the great
scheme of things when it comes to web site promotion and attracting traffic to
your web site. A whopping super-duper stellar PR is absolutely no guarantee
of an untouchable search engine ranking.
Amongst other things in this ebook you’ll learn how I have a number of
web sites each of which (at time of writing) are ranked #1 on Google for
particular search terms and none of my sites have a PR higher than 3.
And I’ll give you the exact step-by-step method I used to take those web
site to a #1 ranking without catching “Page Rank Paranoia.”
This has allowed me the opportunity to gain traffic and build niche mailing lists
without getting all bent out of shape about my PR. I’m cured from Page Rank
Paranoia – would you like to be too?
Right – let’s move on…………first, just how do Google calculate your PR and
make that little green bar move ever more progressively to the right (or left –
PR can go down as well as up!).
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