PS2 Repair Guide HTML version

get all of the dust out of the PS2. Spray all around the area, especially the fan. You don’t
need to remove anything, just spray. When it seems that the dust is removed, go on to
step 5.
5. Now, the lens can finally be cleaned. Take the Q-Tip and swab it generously in the
rubbing alcohol, but make sure that there’s not too much on it so that it’s dripping. Take
the Q-Tip and carefully yet firmly rub the lens in a circular motion for a good 30 seconds.
Then, flip the Q-Tip over to the dry side and dry it off in the same circular motions. The
lens should now be clean.
6. All that’s left now is putting the PS2 back together, which should be fairly easy. Place
the lens cover back on, making sure that it’s tight and snug in position. Screw it in place.
Then, tape the wire back onto the lens cover and flip the shell back into place on the PS2.
Screw the screws back in, making sure the longer screws are going into the correct holes.
The screws don’t all have to be tight, so don’t sweat it if 1 or 2 of them aren’t seeming to
fit into the holes all of the way, as long as they’re in the right holes. Put the screw covers
back into place, and you’re done. Congratulations, your PS2 is now cleaned, and working
like new, without having to spend a dime! Feel free to repeat this process in the future, as
well, if Disc Read Errors ever occur again.
To determine whether or not these repairs are necessary, read the following carefully...
You may need to adjust the voltage if:
1. Your PS2 reads games on DVDs but will not read games on CDs
2. Your PS2 reads games on CDs but will not read games on DVDs
3. Your PS2 will read no games, you have already cleaned the laser and you are using
undamaged discs
Do not adjust the voltage if:
1. You do not receive the message "Disc Read Error" in the browser screen when trying
to load problem discs
2. You have a Playstation 2 Version 4 or higher: a PS2 with 8 screw covers on the bottom
rather than 10.
3. Your PS2 only gets errors on certain CD or DVD games, not All CD or DVD games.
Try cleaning the problem disc, or using a Disc-Doctor
4. You receive "error reading CD" during games such as GTA3/VC or other games that
stream data (clean the laser in this case)
please note that fine tuning may be needed if your PS2 reads CD games but not
audio/PS1 CDs (or vice versa)... Or if your PS2 reads DVD games but not DVD movies
(or vice versa)... Personally I don't suggest fine tuning without a voltage meter.