PS2 Repair Guide HTML version

Optional Materials:
-Can of Air
-Butter knife
Taking the PS2 apart is fairly simple, nothing too complicating. All that you’re basically
going to do is remove the upper shell, remove the lens cover, clean the lens, and put
everything back together again. Just be sure to follow the steps, and read through each
step and understand it before going through with it. Sometimes the instructions may seem
a little too in depth or complicating, but just use your common sense and you should
understand. It’s a lot easier if you print it out, as well.
1. Make sure that you have a neat, clean area set aside for taking the PS2 apart. A small
box or cup to put screws in. Flip your PS2 over so that the bottom (horizontally) is facing
up. There should be 6 screw covers, 4 plastic and 2 rubber, that need to be removed. You
can use the butter knife for this. Screws should be uncovered under them. There should
be 2-4 more screw covers on the outer side of the base, underneath the controller ports
(where the system goes out a few inches from the base). The older model PS2’s have 4
screw covers, while the newer ones have only 2. Remove them all, and you should now
have a total of 8-10 screws unveiled. Set the screw covers aside.
2. Using the normal sized phillips head screwdriver, remove all of the screws.
REMEMBER where the longer screws go. If you do not remember where the long
screws go, you could put a hole through a circuit board by trying to force the long screw
in where it is not supposed to be. Make sure all of the screws are removed, and put them
3. The PS2 shell should now be ready to remove. ONLY the UPPER side (with the PS2
logo) needs to be removed to clean the lens - Leave the BOTTOM side on. But, be very
careful when taking the upper shell off, or you could damage the PS2. To take the shell
off, you first should place the PS2 horizontally, with the PS2 logo facing up. Next, you
need to move the side of the shell out a little, sideways, so that the Eject/Reset buttons are
not blocking the shell, and it can be lifted off. Just play around with it a little and you
should get it. Then, lift it at an angle, like opening the cover of a book. Take the bottom
(Vertically) of the shell, with the PS2 logo on it, and lift it an angle. You should notice a
small wire around the area where the Reset/Eject buttons are. The wire should be taped to
the top of the Lens cover. Remove the tape, and then carefully lift the cover so that it is
laying flat, and the PS2 is open like a book, connected at the middle by the wire. The
Lens is now almost accessible.
4. To gain access to the lens, you need to remove the lens cover. The lens cover is located
right in the area where the PS2 ejects the tray out, just above the tray. It’s square shaped,
and has a small white circle piece on it. To remove the lens cover, simply take out the 2-4
screws located on the side with the small screw driver. Place the screws aside, and lift the
lens cover. You should now see the lens, a small circular glass piece located in the back
of the disc tray.
Now comes the optional part. If you have a Can of compressed Air, you can use that to