PS2 Repair Guide HTML version

You might wonder why your PS2 isn't working. Well, if you're getting Disc Read Errors
on multiple discs, all of which appear to be in good condition, then you most likely have
one of two common problems. Either your laser is being obstructed by dirt and dust, or
the laser's voltage is not properly adjusted.
Please Note: That I have written this for people with little or no knowlege of electronics.
The Playstation 2 is a precise gaming console. Fixing the console yourself should not be
done unless completely necessary. You may also risk electric shock, so do anything
within your power to remain safe while attempting these repairs.
If you can, use an anti-static wrist band to ground yourself. This device is available at any
electronics store (e.g. Radio Shack.)
These repairs require opening the case, which WILL void your warranty. If your console
is still under warranty think twice about cracking the seal.
Adjusting the laser's voltage requires some precision, being too rough can cause damage
which you will not be able to fix. Be very careful when doing this process!!! Be prepared
to pay Sony over $120 to fix this part if you damage it!!!
Always attempt the laser CLEANING before trying to adjust the voltage!!!!!!
This is the easiest thing you can do to attempt to fix your PS2, while it hardly ever works
it only take a minute or two, and should be done first before you take apart your machine.
1) You must be in the "main menu" screen of the PS2 console, the first screen that comes
up when you start with no disc in.
2) press the "triangle button"
3) Select "Console" from the top using the up directional buttons and press the "Triangle"
4) Select "On" using the up and down directional buttons and press the "X" button
5) Insert a disc. The console automatically starts the diagnosis.
Required Materials:
-Normal phillips head screwdriver
-Small phillips head screwdrivver
-Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl)