PPC - Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords Made Easy HTML version

Chapter 9: Bonus Chapter
Finding Profitable Keywords
Over the past several years Google Adwords has become THE most effective way to
guarantee a steady stream of traffic and income for your website.
With that being said, it's also become pretty tough to keep Google from taking your
money... Adwords courses have popped up left and right claiming to teach you the
"secret" to making money with Google Adwords. While these courses DO teach you
different strategies for improving your clickthrough rate and the quality of your Adwords
ads, they fail when it comes to one MAJOR aspect of Google Adwords, and this is...
Finding profitable keywords!
Without profitable keywords, you're not going to make money, no matter how well written
your ad is.
Well, in today's chapter, I want to let you in on the 1 TRUE "secret" to finding profitable
keywords in the Google Adwords system. I'll take you through a step by step example that
will show you what I do to virtually guarantee I find profitable keywords. So, let's get
Step 1
This isn't a lesson on
product development,
so I'm assuming that
you already have a
product you want to
promote. Ok, once we
have our product, we
need to go to Google
and enter some very
broad search term
related to our product.