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Chapter 8: Bonus Chapter
Finding High Paying Adsense Keywords
With all the buzz and hype floating around the internet, many have heard it's possible to
make BIG bucks with the Google Adsense system.
While that is true... the truth of the matter is, most people aren't making big bucks. The
typical Adsense advertiser makes a whopping $1.00 a day. I don't know about you, but
$1.00 a day isn't really much to get excited about.
Today I'd like to focus on a couple strategies that I personally use to make A LOT of money
with the Google Adsense system. What's nice about this strategy is it's very easy to repeat,
over and over and over again in ANY market... at any time.
So, let's get started, shall we? :-)
For these examples below, I'm going to be using the help of the powerful tool I talked
about in the last chapter, called . If you don't have , that's ok.
Just pay attention to the general principles I teach below. You can manually do this stuff
without any software product, it just takes a bit more effort. It's the "idea" that's the
powerful point I want to teach, so pay close attention. This will make you more money.
That I can "nesarly" promise you.
Keyword Elite
Keyword Elite
Money Making Method #1
You may have seen many companies selling, what they call, "high paying Adsense
keyword lists". Just go to Google and type that in: