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Chapter 7: Bonus Chapter
Finding Profitable Markets
The single biggest mistake many people make when starting a business is they'll create a
product... usually based on something they just enjoy doing, which in and of itself isn't
bad, BUT... after they spend months creating this product, it's finally time to start making
money selling it.
This is where many people run into MAJOR problems. They have no idea where to find the
people that want to buy what they have to offer. They end up spinning their wheels and
finally realize that nobody wants to buy their latest and greatest product that they've
spent months of their life creating.
Not only can this be extremely frustrating, but it ends up being a complete waste of time
and money!
What people should be doing is finding the "market" FIRST and THEN create the product
based on what the market wants. That is so much easier than creating the product and
then "finding" the market, which might not exist in the first place.
Ok, now you might be saying to yourself... "Brad, this is nothing new... we all know this
already." If that's you, great... but I wanted to start this chapter with those few, very
important points, before we get to the meat of the chapter.
In this chapter I'll be showing you 1 very good way to find profitable markets. Once you
find these markets you could either create Adsense websites based on the topics OR you
could create entire products around the topic... OR better yet, you could do both!
So, let's begin...
We'll start off by doing some Keyword Research. We need to find out what words people
are search for online. The more times someone searches for a word, the more popular
that word is.
Makes sense, right? :-)
There are many different ways to find out roughly how many times, per month, people are
searching for various keywords. The free way of doing this is to use the Overture search