PPC - Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords Made Easy HTML version

Chapter 5
"Tracking Ads and Landing Pages"
In the last chapter, we talked about split testing your ads as a means of continuously
improving the CTR for your keywords. You can apply the same principle (of steady
improvement) to your whole AdWords campaign, and today, we're going to learn how to
do just that.
There are three specific parts of your campaign that you can keep improving:
creating focused keyword lists (discussed in chapter 3).
(split testing discussed in chapter 4)
Your how your keywords convert into sales and the effectiveness of
your landing page (discussed today, chapter 5).
conversion rate
In this chapter we'll discuss two major topics how to measure the conversion rate of your
landing page, and what to do to improve it quickly and easily.
Landing Page Basics
What is a landing page, and why is it so important?
A landing page is a web page that your prospects (the traffic that you are driving to your
website) will land upon after clicking through your ads. It is the 'destination URL' field in your
AdWords ads.
Depending upon the type of product / service you are promoting, the landing page
could ask the user to do any one of the following:
Subscribe to a newsletter
Buy a product
Download trial software
And more basically, any visitor action that you would want taken place on your website.