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Chapter 3
"Keyword Research Basics"
Remember, we're building a very strong foundation in these first few chapters, so that
when I teach you the more advanced "stuff" later on, you'll be able to truly grasp and use
the concepts. So let's get started…
Successful PPC campaigns are based on three things:
Keyword Research
Landing Pages
In the next three chapters (C 3 to 5) I'll pick up each of these topics and give you
mini-tutorials on doing the best in each aspect of your ad campaign.
Important: I'll also be showing you little tricks that I
personally use to make each of these tasks MUCH
easier, allowing me to make a heck of a lot more
money with my Adwords campaigns. The more
chapters you get through, the stronger your foundation
will be, and the more tricks I can share with you :-)
Today, we start with keyword research. It basically boils down to two steps finding a
profitable topic and then using keyword databases and PPC engines to create lists of
keywords around that topic.
There's a lot to cover, so let's get started.
How to Find Profitable Topics
Information that helps readers take an action is more valuable than information
that helps your readers think. In marketing terms, that means that your target market is
people who are looking to buy / acquire something and are looking for ways to do so. It's
what we call the 'end of the buying cycle' your best chance at getting your prospect to
buy something is
right before
he makes a purchase.
When you are looking at topics, you can use the metrics mentioned below as a means to
judge whether a topic is worth pursuing or not, but when you are doing keyword research,