PPC - Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords Made Easy HTML version

Chapter 2
"10 Minutes To Instant Web Traffic"
Welcome back.
In the last chapter you read about how pay-per-click advertising (PPC) was simply the
best method for bringing instant traffic to your websites.
Today you'll learn about a simple, 10-minute process that anyone can use to setup a fully-
functional Google AdWords account and start driving traffic to their website almost
Before we get into the more Advanced strategies, we need to build a very strong
foundation and make sure you understand the basics. The stronger your foundation, the
more earning potential you'll have for the future, so pay close attention to every detail I'm
about to teach.
Let's do a quick example...
We'll pretend that we sell . I am going to show you exactly how to
build a campaign for that type of product, starting with some sensible market research.
home theater systems
Research your market
PPC advertising is very competitive for a reason for any high-value product/service, PPC
is a cheap and effective way to get your name in front of the people looking for products
just like yours.
With all the competition there's just one big problem: If you jump in blind, the sharks will
eat you alive. You must first dig up the details on your market and your competition, and
that means knowing:
Which keywords are getting the most traffic
What are the top bid prices for those keywords
Which keywords are being ignored and why