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As you can see, using PLR articles are not only effective
in providing truly useful content. They are also cost and
labor-efficient, which means you can focus more of your
time to more important matters, whether they are for
business or otherwise.
5 – Cashing in With Private Label E-Books
Among private label products, one of the most
profitable is the E-book. In the past, marketers
purchase resell rights from an e-book author, and resell
the text of the material as it is. This strategy works to
the advantage of the authors, because their works can
be sold with the content intact, and not being
compromised. Plus, many of these e-books contain links
to products that the author has interest in. The result is
that the seller of the e-book will double as the author's
marketing agent, because in each sale of the book, the
affiliate links that it contains are exposed to each
Recently, however, a new kind of resell rights became
increasingly popular among marketers. They not only
purchase the rights to sell the book, they also obtain the
rights to do whatever they want with it, then sell it.
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