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For centuries man has asked the question: Who or what created the human race?
Did it evolve from single cells swimming in some ancient primordial ooze as suggested
by Darwin and others, or were we created by God, in his image, as told in the bible?
Since stories from the Old Testament are more colorful and entertaining than scientific
dogma, let’s use one to kick off our formidable tale:
In the beginning, or there about, God created the family unit, presumably starting
with Adam and Eve. Should we choose to believe, as biblical scholars do, Adam begat
Cain and Able, then there you have it...that’s where our troubles really began. When
Cain slew Able, he set off a chain of violence which has flourished and escalated to this
day. What followed Cain’s fratricide were wars of greed, power hunger, ethnic
cleansing, genocide, or on a smaller scale, patricide, matricide, regicide, you name
it...any time man, or woman for that matter, could visit their inhumanity on others, they
murdered their way into the present. For whatever reason, here in the current era,
countries, tribes, gangs, and families continue in their attempts to bump one another off.
There are exceptions to the rule, but they often seem to be in the minority. A few
gentle souls get along just fine on what they possess and cohabit peacefully with
others. Yet the burning question remains, what to do about all the killing? It’s crossed
many minds. However, over the years, most gave up the quest, the mayhem being too
universal and ingrained to do anything about it. Studies ultimately showed a vicious
genetic glitch in the human psyche. Found in the area of the brain which houses our
self protective gene, it varies from being to being. In a relative few it’s only activated
when there’s need to protect oneself , loved ones or country. Tragically, many others,
behaved themselves as long as everything goes their way. They can be kind and
gentle as long as they’re successful in finding a mate, a job, a fortune or a happy home,
but their dark side is provoked when their endeavors are thwarted. In far too many
cases the commandments against covetousness, thievery, adultery, jealousy and the
sixth commandment, though shalt not kill, are ignored. and things get out of hand.
Two thousand years ago, one man tried to change all that. Today we find he was
only moderately successful. Unfortunately, he hadn’t the technology to bring peace to
the insanity inflicting much of the world