Páginas Sudamericanas HTML version

Helen Phipps
Instructor in Spanish in the University of Texas
New York, 1920
This book is largely adapted from bulletins and articles issued by thePan American Union. Such
informational matter, free from indirectconstructions, lends itself admirably to the direct method,
and it ishoped that the book may prove especially useful in classes where thismethod is used.
The author's intention, in the present work, is to supply conversationand composition material
for classes taught by the direct method, orreading material for classes taught otherwise. The
book might eitherfollow such a textbook as Hall's All Spanish Method or be used inconnection
with it. The Spanish-English vocabulary which has beenprovided for the book is included simply
as a concession to the presenttransitional stage of modern language instruction.
The vocabulary does not claim to be complete; it does not include wordsof more or less identical
spelling in Spanish and English, orderivatives where primitives are given, or the much used
forms which arecertain to be learned by any student who has advanced to the point ofreading
continuous discourse.
A word of explanation as to the spelling of Brazilian geographical namesmay not be out of place.
It seemed preferable to give the exactPortuguese form rather than the Spanish form; hence such
words as rioand bahia, which are accented in Spanish, are given without the accentin Brazilian
place names.
For the most effective use of this book, pictures, maps, and objects, inaddition to the illustrations
of the book, will be found helpful. TheBulletin of the Pan American Union is invaluable as a
means ofsecuring interest in the Latin American countries. Particularly adaptedto use by a class
are the pamphlets descriptive of the various South andCentral American countries, likewise
published by the Pan AmericanUnion. A few South American pictures are to be obtained from
the PerryPictures Company, Malden, Massachusetts; post cards may be had from theUniversal
Post Card Company, 115 North Street, New York City; othersources, such as geographies,
histories, books and magazines of travel,and advertisements, will readily suggest themselves.
This opportunity is taken of thanking Mr. John Barrett and Mr. FranciscoJ. Yanes, Director and
Assistant Director, respectively, of the PanAmerican Union, for permission to use the material of
the Union. For theuse of many photographs, also, thanks are due to the Pan American Union.