Overcoming OCD & Depression: My Personal Journey and Recovery HTML version

My biggest commitment to you, the reader, is to bring to you the results of
my research and my personal experiences, to show you in simple way the
ways in which you can understand OCD and walk away from it as I have. We can do this
Together, with this book, so that your life will change only for the better.
I do not have all the answers for the sufferers of this debilitating
disorder, but I do know that I have many answers because I have suffered
from the disease and conquered it.
I truly want to help you. I know that you may be confused and scared, as I
was so many years ago. I want to help you understand OCD and how to beat it.
You will beat OCD if you have the desire to work hard and if you will
listen to your psychologist and take the proper medicine, if that is what
your doctor prescribes for you.
Your life will change if you are willing to give yourself extreme
self-care and to love yourself enough to say “I do not want to feel the
pains of OCD anymore”.
So read the pages of this book because no one deserves to live with OCD. I
will always be here for anyone who wants my help.
Here is a quote which I read recently, and as you read the pages of this
book keep it in mind. It reads like this and it was said by a man named
Robert Half:
“Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely,
and the likely definite.”
Persist and you will succeed.
Have any of these things ever happened in your life? Have these thoughts
ever stopped you in your tracks and scared you so badly that you shook from
your head to your toes and bothered you why you were having such thoughts?
Have you...
1. Felt for no reason that you might be dying from cancer, Aids, a brain
tumor, or some terminal disease?
2. Felt that you cannot move forward because you’re scared of the next move
that you might make to live your life?
3. Moved things around on a table or desk several times until you felt comfortable
with where you had placed them?
4. Felt that you had to clean everything around you, like your home or your
car, and be organized all the time to be able to function in life?
5. Gone downstairs several times during the night to check the stove, or the
locks on your doors, or your fireplace, to make sure the house would not
burn down while you were sleeping?
6. Obsessed about religion and God and feared the subject of the Devil and the numbers 666?
7. Counted numbers incessantly in your head ( 1,2,3,4,5, etc.) in an endless
number routine?
8. Seen a knife, felt a fear, and been scared that you had thought that you might harm
one. Although this action rarely happens, the thought and why you had it really scared you.
9. Washed your hands many times because of the fear of having germs and
contaminants on your hands?
10. Been on a plane as you hit turbulence and felt that as you were sure that
the nose of the plane was going to turn downward and crash to the earth?
11. Gotten a fork in a restaurant and, even though it looked clean, been so
afraid that it was infected with germs that you had to clean it before you