Overcoming OCD & Depression: My Personal Journey and Recovery HTML version

“At the time you were born you were given an amazing gift - a gift that
most of us forget about as we grow older. It’s the power to design your own
unique life. You are an artist and the canvas is your life.” Author Cheryl
If I died tomorrow, my obituary in the local newspaper might read something
like this:
David Barrett White, 38, the son of Nancy and J.B. White, died yesterday of
natural causes. He was a simple man who loved watching football and enjoyed the outdoors
and his family.
He had realized his football dream by working for the Philadelphia Eagles in Public Relations.
He had previously worked as an intern with the Washington Redskins and later
with the Florida Panthers. He loved his country music, especially the songs
of Montgomery Gentry, Brooks and Dunn, and Travis Tritt, as well as the soft
music of Neil Diamond.
As he grew up, he learned to love his family the most, and he learned
many important life lessons from his mistakes. He was a resident of Lititz,
PA and a graduate of Susquehanna University (Class of 1990). He was employed
as a benefits consultant at a firm he loved - Richard J. Princinsky
Associates, Inc., of Hunt Valley, Maryland.
Dave is survived by loving wife Gretchen, his son Justin 5, and his
daughter, Jillian, who he called his Queen with Teeth, 2. He was known to
have an A-Type personality and had a zest for life. If he was not playing
sports, he was down at the bay fishing or fishing on a river, because he
found his soul on the water.
His greatest accomplishment in life, though, was that he lived with
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for years and with the help of many, found a
way to conquer it. He authored a the book “Overcoming OCD: How to Live a Fulfilling Life with
out OCD.
I can write this book today because my fear of dying and my compulsions
from OCD, have greatly dissipated. I understand why I felt the way that I did
and I hope to show others why they feel the way they do. If you had asked
me about dying fifteen years ago, when I was crippled by OCD, I would have
told you that I was terrified and confused, and really saw no light at the
end of the tunnel. Life became difficult to even want to wake up in the morning because
OCD would come and go often in my life.
Now, I have gotten to the end of the tunnel and I see the light. Life is
good, and I can tell you that I feel so happy inside. And, although OCD has
been a constant battle, I have accomplished much in life and will continue
to do so. I want you to be able to rid your life of OCD and by reading this book
you are taking the first step to beat OCD.
I remember my Dad telling me that my grandfather had a favorite saying.
It’s become the saying that I live by, “Once you die, they are going to bury
you six feet deep for a long time, so make it happen in life.”
After all, we are all born unto this earth and we will all die someday, but
the legacy that we leave is so important. And, we hope, we will all live a
good life and live with God someday, to continue to be happy.