Overcoming OCD & Depression: My Personal Journey and Recovery HTML version

Overcoming OCD: How to Live a Fulfilling Life without OCD
He had me fooled. I had known Dave White for more than a year when he asked
me to help him with a book. I figured that he was probably writing something
about selling successfully, because that’s what he does.
So, I was tremendously surprised when I learned that he was writing a book
about his own struggles with OCD. I knew about the compulsive checking of
locks and doors that’s associated with OCD, but I was totally unaware of the
depression that’s often part of the disease, and Dave is the last guy I ever
would have thought of as having issues with depression.
As he says in the book, he’s a Type-A personality, and I never saw him
without a smile and a hearty handshake. The Dave I know is a very personable
and positive guy, so he’s an excellent example of someone who has worked
very hard to beat OCD.
If you’re suffering from this disease, use Dave’s experiences as an
inspiration. Have faith that you can find healing, and work hard to attain
it. Then people who meet you will be amazed to learn that you ever suffered
with depression.
Bill Simpson-Editor
Foreword #2
OCD ruled my young life. Through the help of family, friends,
medical professionals, and God, I have overcome my disease. I now lead a
wonderful life, and I'm able to enjoy my life.
The second clause of that sentence is a vital part of my success.
While I suffered from OCD, I actually led a wonderful life, but I
couldn’t enjoy it because OCD was holding me back. I could find the one cloud in the bluest sky,
and I worried endlessly about things that seem foolish now. Back then, those
foolish things loomed as insurmountable obstacles to my health and my
Now, however, I’m able to see those life-limiting fears for what they
really are. I’m able to enjoy and treasure my life, and I’m truly grateful
for all that I have. Life is not always easy for any of us but OCD is truly something
that can hold one back.
So, my hope is to help you, my fellow OCD sufferer, move past your OCD
problems and gain the ability to enjoy your life. I know how overwhelming
your problems can seem, and I firmly believe that the steps that have worked
for me, will also work for you.
It is my dream and it is very important to me that my lasting
legacy will be that, during my short time on this earth, I helped others to
feel whole again, by conquering their OCD and the other mental disorders that
restricted their lives. This book can be red for generations to come to help sufferers first
self diagnosis themselves and take care of the illness immediately.
You may not agree with all that I write, and that is understandable. But,
if you take from this book some things, or just one thing, that changes your
life, then I will have made a positive difference in your life.