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Hi, I’m Nicole Dean. Surprise! Jimmy outsourced this ecourse
to me, his business partner for OutsourceWeekly.com. How
appropriate to outsourcing in an outsourcing course, right? :)
Let's start with the question that may be on your mind, if
you haven't heard of me before.
Who am I and why should you care what I say?
Here are a few reasons to consider me as your Outsourcing Guide.
1.I earn a very nice living online. It’s enough that it’s our only form of
income for my family of four and it gives me the ability to travel and
the freedom to do as I please. (I’ve been around awhile and am doing
well – not some fly by night scamster.)
2.I successfully Outsource many tasks in my business. At any given time
in my own business, I may have upwards of 15 contractors working for
me. The types of jobs they do varies from graphics to customer support
and everything in between. I’ve had some of the same helpers working
for me since 2006 – so I must be doing something right. (I live this
3.I have been an Affiliate Manager for several years, and my biggest
client is Jimmy D. Brown (who is also my mentor and friend). He’s
counseled some of the biggest gurus online since 1999 and is highly
respected and is responsible for the success of many of today's top
marketers online. This demonstrates that I know a thing or two about
being a freelancer/consultant, too, and it gives me the added benefit of
seeing both sides of the “outsourcing coin”. Plus, Jimmy wouldn't have
hired me unless he thought I knew a thing or two.
4.I outsource tasks in my personal life that are not business-related.
Because I view my time as very valuable, I outsource my lawn care,
my pool care, my house cleaning, as well as some of my meals.
I tell you these things, not to brag, but to give you an idea of my
qualifications so you can better decide whether or not you’d like to listen to
me and trust what I have to say. I think you should know a bit about any
teacher before you decide to follow their advice. Don’t you?
The biggest thing I want to say up front is that I'm not the typical
outsourcer. I won't teach you how to low-ball or to find crummy workers
who you can pay peanuts and will do crummy work. I'll teach you how to do
as I've done and build your Dream Team.
© Nicole Dean All Rights Reserved.
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