Outlandish New Ways to Punish Strangers HTML version

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Matilda walked into my dark apartment.
She went to turn on the light—
‚Leave the light off,? I told her, sitting in the living room of the small apartment.
She was across from me at the front door. The place was absolutely dark. The lamp in
front of me was off.
She moved to walk into the apartment.
‚Stay there,? I told her from the darkness. ‚Shut the door.?
‚Why? Where are you??
She narrowed her eyes to focus in the darkness.
‚Shut the door,? I repeated.
She did as she was told, cheerfully adding, ‚Ohh, kinky.?
‚Keep the light out. Where were you?? I asked.
‚With some old friends. Why??
‚You know why. Why do you think??
Her temper began to surface in her voice.
‚You’re not my P.O. I can have friends. When I hang out with them, it’s not like I
do drugs—?
‚So they were doing drugs? Don’t be an idiot.?
‚Don’t call me a fucking idiot.?