Outlandish New Ways to Punish Strangers HTML version

When can I see you again?
The words written by an unfamiliar hand. They had aroused Mr. Logothetis’
interest when he stumbled on the carbon copy of the country club receipt – followed by
his wife’s note about midnight.
He followed me in his black S.U.V. from the cemetery.
When I slammed on my breaks to avoid a doe, I imagine that he sped up. At the
last second – his car right up on me – he must have had a moment of regret because he
slammed on his breaks.
He couldn’t kill me.
He wasn’t a killer.
In the end, he reacted like a normal human being.
‚You—? my throat’s dry and causes me to cough. My voice is hoarse but I do my
best, speaking calmly: ‚You ever come near me again, I’ll stick a knife in your throat.
And I know where you live,? I tell him, rolling over to sleep, ‚your wife showed me
after I came inside her. Now leave me the fuck alone.?
He stands there, crying wide-eyed, unnerved, and shaking.
Fuck trying to act normal, I tell myself before go back to sleep.