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Book Description

This book is about the Millennial Reign found in the Bible. The author does not pretend to actually describe in this book what the millennial reign will be like or to predict the time for the beginning of those 1,000 years. This is all fictional speculation, a sort of "What if . . ." story based on one historic position that there will be a literal reign for a thousand years from Jerusalem which still lies in our future. When the Emperor returned from the invisible realm several things happened. First, the believers who had died in faith were resurrected and given their Immortal bodies. Second, the believers who were living on the earth at the time of the return were transformed instantly and given their Immortal bodies. Third, those living at the time of the return who were not believers

Christine Huber

Great read. Different views made lifelike. The book has made me long for His coming. Thanks.


David J. Keyser

Hello. I love to write. I write both fiction and nonfiction. Most of my books are on a Christian theme. There is a variety of types among my books. I write Biblical fiction, contemporary fiction, theology books and commentaries. I have been in the Christian ministry for over 40 years and have lived in East Africa and Britain as well as in several states in the U.S. I have a bachelor's degree, three master's degrees and a Ph.D. These degrees are all earned. My wife, Judith, and I have been married for 45 years and we live in the Quad Cities area of Northern Alabama. I am semi-retired and I teach at the college level part time.

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