Our Insane Anti-American Energy Policy


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Many experts realize that Global Warming is a hoax. The Environmental Protection Agency has been terribly detrimental and should be abolished. Green Energy is a waste of time money and we should stop subsidizing it. We should mine for coal, drill for oil and gas and build refineries and nuclear power plants. To make all this possible we should impeach Obama and remove him from office.


yes, corporations are definitely victims here. They are being charged enormous taxes and subject to ridiculous controls. Gone are the days when a coal company could ship a mile long train full of coal ash through populated areas. Gone are the days when an oil company could build a pipeline which spills millions of gallons of crude through a town. Gone are the days when an energy company could use tax havens to concentrate power among only the executives.

Michael Wilkinson

Snelson is absolutely right about man made global warming...its a hoax to fleece the common man and corporations of carbon credits. For us to take over the petro-energy production and put green energy on a back burner until it can be proven to be economically produced and utilized. Obama has no intention of developing green energy as evidenced with the government investment in failed green companies. Obama just doesn't care. He sold the US on an empty bill of goods. If he was serious about saving the economy do you think he would have had a budget by now? Or a solution to shrink our deficit? If we develop our own energy free of Obama's governance then we can bring jobs back to the US and dig our of our deficit hole. North Dakota is a prime example of what a pro-oil policy can do for the economy. Good job Kieth.

james taylor

What a silly idea. There isn't enough oil and coal to last forever...we need to find renewable energy sources.


Keith Snelson

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