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Things you should know


Orgone: The vital primordial cosmic life force energy that allows us to sustain life in our universe. This term is used synonymously with "Orgone Energy". It is also commonly referred to as "life force energy", chi, and libido. This will be illustrated in blue as this is how orgone in general is viewed.

Orgonomy: The study of orgone energy.

Orgonite: Devices that handle orgone by using an resin/metal matrix. The name orgonite can also be used to refer to the matrix compound itself.

Organic material: Matter that has life properties like an organism. I will use this term in a sense that it does not encompass organisms.

Non-organic material: Matter that has formed without naturally gaining organic properties. An example of this is aluminium, which is the third most abundant element in earth's crust and can be utilized with little synthesis. Also, an organic material can be processed enough to lose most or all of its organic properties (this process gives off DOR).

Orgone field: An energy threshold that allows orgone energy to move with objects as well as naturally accumulate. This will be used synonymously with the term "orgone layer".

Orgone particle: The smallest possible self sustaining portion of any orgone energy. It may not be anything like a typical particle or even something we can comprehend, but this is what I will be calling it. Some may refer to this as a bion.


POR: Positive orgone energy; alive orgone energy that is vital to life. This will be illustrated in green.

DOR: Deadly orgone energy; it is created when pure orgone energy gets damaged, usually by a complex mechanical mechanism. This will be illustrated in red.


Wilhelm Reich: A scientist/doctor that has contributed more than any other to "Life Force energy" research. He was born in Dobzau and had an Austrian nationality. He is best known for his "Orgone accumulator" which he devised with intentions to heal. Much of his research has been destroyed and viewed as nonsense by many petty people of his time. He was a pupil of the renown Sigmund Freud.

Karl Hans Welz: The inventor of the "orgonite" compund and the leader in publically available orgone technology. He has played an important part in the advancements in applying orgonite in our world to better it.

James DeMeo: The author of "The Orgone Accumulator Handbook". One of the many beings that has contribute to bringing back Wilhelm's research.

Aura: There is a lot elaborate documentation on what the aura is and how to analyse it but for the sake of the document I will just assume it is a humans orgone layer that is most noticeable, which may not coincide with its usual definition. It will be vague anyhow until you actual feel or see one for yourself.