Orgone Explained HTML version

This document is based on scientific research of orgone energy (orgonomy). The
information I go by is from Wilhelm Reich research, Reich inspired research and
"Karl Hans Welz" concepts. The information I provide to you is influenced by
many documented orgone experiments of various persons from various cultures.
Though based on Reich's research, what I say is strictly theoretical and you should
not be so quick to assume that its true. Every now and then I will imply that
something is not proven so that you remember.
Orgonomy is an interesting study and is very hard to document. I will do my best
to explain things in a way that can easily be made sense of and visualized. I
provide many illustrations throughout the document to help with the
visualization. Much of what I write about is an attempt to piece orgone related
ideas together to draw a big picture.
I knew orgonomy was a fringe science and would have many different views. But I
did not think there would be so many scientific views that completely disagree
with each other. Not to mention the countless religious views that make no sense.
"Orgone Explained" is objective and can be applied alongside religious beliefs. But
I will not present information that pertains to a single religious belief. In fact,
something I may say will be a disturbing truth to a religious person.
By no means am I a special person who can see energy fields or one who can heal.
I am also not am person who has had much experience with making orgone
devices. I have little knowledge of electrical devices like a Geiger counter or a
microscope. But I can provide you with logical, objective information.