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faulty idea. We’ve been told we can have it all. If you attempt to have it all and
be it all, I truly think you will be perpetually overwhelmed. Instead, focus on
what you love. Go for what makes you happy and fills you with joy. Prioritize
everything based upon your standards, not everyone else’s standards. In the
end, it’s all about happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. You won’t find those
things if you’re busy chasing ‘It All’.
Organizing: The Most Important Rule
Don’t get so overwhelmed that you give up. Remember: baby steps. Any
amount of organizing is going to help. Long journeys are made up of many
single steps.
Time Management: Planning
First and most importantly, PLAN. I was never much of a planner, and I had to
make myself start, but the benefits are tremendous. When your head is filled
with your to-do lists, they feel larger than life. This causes worry and stress.
Getting it all down on paper or in an electronic format will not only be more
efficient, you’ll reduce your stress. You’ll remember what you need to do, be
able to prioritize your tasks, and increase your organization.