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When someone says ‘in your free time’, do you laugh? Are you stressed out and
frustrated, overwhelmed by everything? Do you constantly run late, forget
things, and miss appointments? Have you fantasized about throwing your cell
phone, pager, or laptop into the nearest body of water? Our busy, overloaded
lives often leave us wondering where the joy and serenity have gone.
Last year, I started work on my master’s degree. I knew life would be tough,
but I really had no clue just how ‘tough’ it could get. As a wife, mother of three,
system engineer during the day, and student on nights and weekends, I found
myself in tears several times. My husband, who also works full time, was doing
a great job trying to juggle tasks as well, but the bleak truth was that things
were falling through the cracks. So we had to figure out how to fill those cracks!
In the following pages, I’ve summarized the tips and tricks I learned during my
year of juggling that literally saved me. Some may work great for you, some
may not fit well into your life. Take what you can and use it to ease the chaos
that seems to be present in our lives.
In addition, let me say that ‘Having It All’ isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. In
fact, you can’t have it all. Not only would you have no place to put it, you would
have no time to enjoy any of it. Many of us, especially women, have been sold a