Order and Chaos HTML version

Drumtone and Oxholm: Two Maegar Dwarf brothers. Their clan originally resided in
the Under Earth of the Arkadian Mountain Range but migrated to the Gorgon Plane
due to increasing invasions by Stalactite Orcs.
Dweeble Dworx: An Arachnoid who resides in the Gorgon Plane.
Einar: An Assistant Guard of Lich Town.
Flamering and Starfling: Jalhi Bengal’s wyvern familiars.
Ben Frostberry: Bjorn Roundtree’s uncle.
Gabrielle: A fledgling vampire in the Arkadian Mountains.
Galatia: A female gnome engineer.
Gearzon: A disoriented gnome engineer protecting Guardon’s Spires.
Gilead, Key Mage of Coermantyr and Innkeeper of the Wolf’s Fang: He is affianced
to Lady Redthorne. Their partnership is practical and industrious. He is outgoing and
keeps a watchful eye on the visitors to his tavern. Gilead cares for Sharon but, in the
name of diplomacy and tactical defense, allows her to consort with other troll folk.
Glasslook: An analytic, brown-haired seraphim troll woman from the Plane of Order.
Gnoll: Skjold’s Bodyguard. He is a husky wood troll who hearkens from the distant
region of Arborea. The Leader of the Wood Trolls, Skjold, was slain by Ankharet’s
Vizier and his Orb of Paryphax stolen. Gnoll has been captured along with other
Gaeans by Ankharet’s rampant spatial rifts. The troll has begun a growing friendship
with Bjorn Roundtree and other humanoids in the Gorgon Plane.
Grondol: The Leader of a group of Ice Goblins. They caught Sharon spying on them
and chased her into a pyrrhic battle.
Grumbold: The King of the Maegar Dwarves.