Order and Chaos HTML version

Blueblood: An Orc Captain from the lairs in Mount Crow. He is accepted as a
member of Rauros’ reformed Harad Ghul.
Bors, Keeper of Bard’s Inn and Burgomeister of Wood’s End: He is a burly, middle-
aged troll who has grown sons, the oldest of whom is named Torvald. Bors is
concerned about the recent invasions of wolf-creatures and specters into his home
region, Mystic Down. He is a good cook and fights with a hefty, studded mace.
Cara and Fangoz: A stone troll couple who assist the mercenaries on their journey to
Lich Town in the Ghastly Fens.
Charles: A wood troll Guard of the City of Arborea.
Claude: A dethroned Vampire Lord trapped in Guardon’s Spires.
Cooper: The Unofficial Leader of the Maegar Council.
Lord Dagon, Leader of the Dagonites: He is a practical mertroll who is aware of
Ankharet’s conjurings on the land. Dagon was petitioned by her to join her cause but
declined. Recently he’s been concerned over rumors of the disappearance of Key
Captains in his ocean region. His son, Marlin, has been included in the list.
Dakros: The Second-in-Command of the Harad Ghul, a faction of goblin assassins
led by Rauros.
Dar’ghaz: A giant muskrat that found Sharon. He healed her injuries and took her to
the Muskrat Leader in the Garaz Forest of Coermantyr.
Miles Davenport: The Mayor of Tinkerburg.
Deirdre: A wood nymph in the deep woods of Mystic Down.
Driptwist, Formshift and Swirlmass: Morphozoids found in the Under Earth of
Guardon’s Spires. They allied themselves with Bjorn Roundtree and his companions.