Order and Chaos HTML version

This story is dedicated to my family and friends, without whose patience and
support its authorship would not have been possible.
Matt Darrow 2013
Character List
Alex: A young, subordinate Mage of Coermantyr. He has red hair. Alex practices
traditional magic but is appreciative and studious of the experimental incantations of
his half-ghoul friend, Leif.
Athros and Zalkos: A pair of specters from the Plane of Chaos.
Anemone: A Dagonite Captain. She is Marlin’s girlfriend. The merwoman found the
Orb of Paryphax in a salmon and bears it in a necklace.
Ankharet, the Dire Queen of Arkadia: She is a white-haired troll woman whose
ambition and ruthlessness have caused her to be estranged from her people. Ankharet
has become aligned with goblins in her region and has built her Abyssal Cairn there.
Axel: A gnome pilot.
Barracuda and Nautilus: A female and male pair of fish hunters in Lord Dagon’s
ocean region.
Satvinder and Jalhi Bengal: Leaders of the Bengal Clan of Tiger Trolls in the Ghastly