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The poems in Orb and Orb II are my very earliest writings. They were written between
1967 and 1970 when I was 15 to 18 years old.
Originally, I was going to pick out the best 10-15 poems and put them into a book. I
think it would have made a fairly descent book of poetry. But as I began reading through
the work, after these many, many years, I saw that the poems presented a natural
progression in my writing abilities, and so I decided to keep them all together in the order
in which they were written.
Many of these poems reflect the influences of the times. The Viet Nam war and the
assassination of Robert Kennedy are two events that stand out. I also see the influence of
the Beatles, especially the Sgt. Pepper’s album, along with Simon and Garfunkle. It’s
obvious that some of these poems were meant to be songs, although I cannot remember
having ever written any music to go with the lyrics, like I did with the Long Road series.
Most of the poems simply reflect the thoughts of a young boy entering adulthood. Some
are good and some are bad. A couple of them represent the biggest bunch of drivel I
think I have ever read. They make me wonder, “what was I thinking at the time?”